"A really interesting conversation. Loved the mix of larger bank attendees and newer start-ups"

Andrew Weller, Director of Model Risk Management, Santander Bank

Blockchain for Financial Services: Opportunities and Threats

A banking workshop

Leading banks and financial institutions continue the adoption of blockchain solutions in areas including transparency, seamless processing and even new business models

But, to stay competitive banks must adapt quickly to new standards and new ways in which the financial services ecosystem will operate

This workshop is designed to help financial services professionals look beyond the hype surrounding blockchains and leverage the decentralized technology to define their futures

 September 20 | Charlie Bird, New York City

Why partner with OCC

Intimate conversations around critical business challenges to drive sales among key customers

Perfect environment to drive conversations and connect with the people who matter in Financial Services

Engage qualified Financial Services accounts and identify hooks for seamless commercial conversations

Bespoke industry research to reveal truths, not assumptions; helping to design better value propositions and identify growth opportunities

Authentic thought leadership to develop the strategies and retail relationships that are critical to success


Vizualize: See what the future holds for blockchain technology and the role it is likely to play in the future of financial services

Standards: Discuss the importance of a common set of standards for distributed ledger technology and how the industry is tackling this

Value Proposition: Assess the business case for blockchain adoption and how you can make the jump from POC to commercialization

Smart Contracts: Examine the legal challenges around smart contracts and the disruptive impact they could have on financial services

Scalability: Debate ways to improve scalability with an aim to vastly increase transactions per second capability

Data: Review the challenges around privacy, data transparency and protection and what this means for blockchain technology

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What attendees say...

“Great session, and the perfect setup to get people talking candidly.” 
Alex Kewley, Director, Client Insight and Solutions, ANZ Bank
"Really interesting discussion on the opportunity to leverage Data and Digital to enrich the customer experience!” 
Syed Abbas, Digital Business Analyst, HSBC

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