Personlised puzzles to unleash your team's full potential

The next BIG thing for a happy & healthy team

All the benefits of mindfulness packed into one handy box

28 original puzzles delivered straight to your desk

Personalised boxes designed for you & your team

per Box

Embrace the power of puzzles, mysteries & challenges to beat stress for good & unlock the best you

Get 28 challenges to solve, a journal to keep track, a bunch of well being tips, plus exclusive & personalised mindfulness drawings to complete

All sent straight to your desk in one handy well being box. It's like a present to your team every month!

No commitments, no contract, 100% control with our monthly option

Enhance creativity, productivity & innovation each & every day

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Why people love our personalised puzzle boxes


Each box includes

28 doctor-approved puzzles, mysteries & challenges to solve for stress-busting each & every day 

A personal puzzle plan stuffed with
mindfulness tips

Limited edition adult colouring & oragami sets

Personalised themes every month

What's so special about our personalised puzzles?

It's simple! Personalise your puzzle pack by telling us what you like & your delivery preferences - we do the rest!

Personalise with colleague names

Personalise the difficulty level

Personalise with company branding & colours

Personalise with colleague interests


Measurable benefits

for your team

Less stress

Better mental well being

More camaraderie
Increases productivity
Enhances employee satisfaction 
Encourages creativity & innovation

Puzzle packs are tailored to you, whatever your business size from
micro start-ups to large corporates
Our story



 A year ago I collapsed in reception for a sales meeting. I lost my breath & shortly after I lost consciousness. Fortunately, I was helped to hospital where I learned I had suffered a severe panic attack brought on by stress

I didn't see it coming. Fast forward six months & my best friend Jamie suffered the same thing

Our personalised puzzle boxes are a reaction to my experiences. I hope they can help to break the cycle of stress creeping-up on others!


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Don't get sucked into the digital vortex

Do this sound familiar?

I'm stressed & need to relax more

It’s been a hectic week in the office, & it’s left you mentally drained and exhausted. Even when you’re finally home & ready for bed, it may take a lot of winding down before you’re calm enough to drift off to sleep

As much as you’re pushing to do your best, too much stress is never good for you


We've devised a simple solution to break the cycle & offer tangible benefits:
Personalised puzzle boxes


Puzzles, journaling & colouring-in are highly recommended by doctors to keep your stress levels at bay, thereby improving your mental health & well being. One key reason is that it allows you to focus on only one thing. Single-tasking through good & engaging puzzles eliminates that stress


We hope this information will help answer your questions

What makes Change Your Mind special?

We like to keep the entire Change Your Mind community engaged with fun competitions, puzzles, and surprises delivered to your office

What’s in it for me, as an employer?

300,00 people leave their jobs over mental health each year in the UK - we can help reduce the number of employees taking leave, saving costs of recruitment & loss of earnings, while creating a better company culture (more benefits here)

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is simple and transparent. We charge a fixed rate based on how many employees you sign up. It's always competitive, whatever your business size – from micro-startups to large corporates

Am I tied in?

Find what works for you. No Commitment, cancel any time with our monthly option

How often is my Puzzle box delivered?

How often your puzzles are delivered is up to you. You can choose to have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deliveries 

Any other questions? Get in touch

Real impact, real results

Keeping the mind active with puzzles & other mindfulness activities supports health, wellness & a more successful workplace in numerous ways

Just 10 minutes per day has been shown to improve quality of life substantially. With all of these tangible benefits, our Puzzle Boxes just could be one of your most critical & valuable business tools


Improve stress management

One of the biggest impediments to workplace productivity is stress. Mindfulness has been shown in studies to decrease all of the markers of stress, including cardiovascular health issues, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression & the presence of the stress hormone cortisol

Better Health

Since stress is one of the primary causes of illness & disease, reduced stress levels mean that you are less likely to get sick. In the corporate culture, this translates into fewer missed days of work, lowered insurance premiums & a healthier workforce overall

Enhanced innovation & creativity

Stress & mind chatter are also a major impediment to problem-solving & creative thinking. Mindfulness can help with settling down these inner distractions so that a higher level of innovation is possible

Improves learning abilities

 The more a person plays puzzles, the better they get at recognising shape, form and colour & the quicker they become. This is a basic learning structure that then passes in to other aspects of their lives. In effect the brain is like a muscle, & the more it works, the stronger it becomes

Helps with overall perception & understanding

 Often, only a certain amount of information about a situation is available & being able to make judgements & draw conclusions is a fundamental practice in coping successfully with the world around us


 Our modern lives can often seem a whirlwind of activity where we constantly move from one activity to the next without seeming to draw breath. Completing a puzzle provides a tonic to this hectic pace, where a period of quiet problem solving ends with the satisfaction of seeing the finished puzzle. This reduces stress & provides a feeling of well-being

Mindfulness also increases overall happiness & wellness levels. Happier employees tend to be more productive and pleasant to be around, which naturally raises morale in the workplace. In a more peaceful corporate culture, employees are more likely to keep working there & speak highly of the brand

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