"A really interesting conversation. Loved the mix of larger bank attendees and newer start-ups"

Andrew Weller, Director of Model Risk Management, Santander Bank

Banking in the Cloud

A banking workshop

Financial institutions that effectively leverage data and advanced analytics across the enterprise will be in a position to capitalise on newer technologies such as machine learning and automation. Those firms who fall behind will need to quickly overcome barriers that are preventing them from enjoying the benefits of advanced analytics or they will find themselves too far behind to catch up

Many banks have built their core operations on fragmented systems aligned to products. This has distributed customer data across multiple platforms, and as such banks must leverage the power of the cloud to fully utilise their data

This workshop tackles this problem head on

 September 20 | Charlie Bird, New York City

Why partner with OCC

Intimate conversations around critical business challenges to drive sales among key customers

Perfect environment to drive conversations and connect with the people who matter in Financial Services

Engage qualified Financial Services accounts and identify hooks for seamless commercial conversations

Bespoke industry research to reveal truths, not assumptions; helping to design better value propositions and identify growth opportunities

Authentic thought leadership to develop the strategies and retail relationships that are critical to success


How best to deal with changing regulatory needs, while ensuring that they do not hinder cloud adoption across your business

Leverage the power of the cloud to respond faster to changing customer and technological needs (including scaling-up or scale-down technology as necessary and innovate according to specific needs)

The use of agile cloud solutions to mitigate technology risks, such as dealing with redundancy of old systems and resiliency concerns; maintaining compliance; and to apply the most up-to-date methods to protect data and security

Leverage the power of cloud technologies to transform internal processes (i.e. digitalize and optimize operations) to reduce operating costs and create a competitive edge

How to continue to deliver on existing commitments and deal with a variety of legacy applications and platforms while change is being implemented

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What attendees say...

“Great session, and the perfect setup to get people talking candidly.” 
Alex Kewley, Director, Client Insight and Solutions, ANZ Bank
"Really interesting discussion on the opportunity to leverage Data and Digital to enrich the customer experience!” 
Syed Abbas, Digital Business Analyst, HSBC

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