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 October 10 | Vintner's Hall, London 

There’s only one person who knows the future of retail and that is your customer

In this 3 hour masterclass we deep-dive the tools, tactics and strategies to help you understand what your customer really cares about. Starting with the customer and working backwards, the session is designed to help you build a personalisation strategy that delivers bottom-line results

You’ll discover:

How to attract more high value customers?
How to increase customer value and loyalty?
How to identify and remove friction from the customer journey?

The Big Questions

Brand experience: Value added services, like the inclusion of fitness clubs and facials provide compelling reasons for customers to visit stores. Discover what’s working, what’s not, and develop strategies to marry experience, simplicity and fun to keep customers revisiting your store again and again


Loyalty: Loyalty can be interpreted in many ways: From customer retention, repeat visits, spend and Net Promoter Scores. How do you define loyalty as a business and how to best measure it?


Value exchange: Beyond financial rewards, how to create a compelling loyalty offer? How do you create a proposition for customers so that they are willing to declare their data because the value is so compelling for them? What channel should this be on? And how do you make the proposition simple yet compelling for your customers?


Omni-channel: Assess the impact that a change in one channel has on another channel, connect the dots between customers online and offline activity, and leverage connected data to make smart decisions that impact the bottom line (including understanding the impact GDPR has had on joining the dots between data five months on)

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Reasons to attend

Stellar Industry Reputation, tried, trusted, revered, OCC promises to deliver the thought-provoking experience you’ve been waiting for

For marketing, operational and transformation executives, there is no better setting to speak frankly, hear stories and break-down topics among an intimate group of 15 peers

Hear from the most innovative minds in retail, nowhere else, will you get such a wealth of enriching knowledge, from industry insiders ready and willing to share in such an intimate setting. Learn from their experiences, take their advice and apply to your own business strategies

What attendees say...

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