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"Thanks, George!  Interesting read, validates a lot of our thinking!" 
Louis DiCesari, Head of Big Data Implementation, Vodafone

Bespoke Research 2017

Social Shopping Strategies in 2017
Today the lives of consumers – not least millennials – are completely integrated into the tech world, making social media platforms a prime opportunity for retail marketers to reach them. 

Dubbed ‘social shoppers,’ these individuals visit social media platforms as part of their everyday shopping behaviour and use the images, videos, reviews, connections and recommendations they find to inspire purchases.
Which begs the question; How can retailers truly benefit from this rapidly-growing intersection of social media, eCommerce and overall brand experiences? 

This whitepaper explore the opportunities and challenges around social shopping in 2017.

Contributors include: River Island, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Debenhams and more

Get Ready for Changing Data Regulation (GDPR): Personalisation & Preparedness

In the age of the customer, competitive advantage is dependent on a deep knowledge and understanding of your customer; then acting on the insight to create a unique value proposition regardless of the shopping channel. But, if personalisation isn’t tough enough, all this comes at a time of significant change in the laws regarding how retailers capture, store, share and process customer data. This industry whitepaper explores retailer readiness for the GDPR. Contributors include: House of Fraser, Thomas Cook, Sainsbury's and more

Reclaim Direct, Profitable relationships with Customers in Travel

For most travel and hospitality brands in 2017, the big battle in the is to do everything they can to get the customer to buy direct. This industry whitepaper explores personalisation, mobile and blending the human touch with digital to give you the insight to succeed. Contributors include: Skyscanner, Starboard Hotels, Thomas Cook and more

Know your Customers. Solve Their Problems in Digital Banking

For years, UK customers have been served by a handful of large institutions. Incumbent banks still dominate most personal and business accounts. But today they face increasing competition from digitally-native customer-centric challengers. This whitepaper explores critical themes around culture, people, process and technology transformation

Leverage the High Street Store for Improved Customer Experiences
The store has taken on an entirely new meaning – as retailers strive to find a balance between creating a space that will drive the overall brand experience, and maximize total sales. This whitepaper shares how Maplin re-imagined the in-store experience with a new concept that demonstrates the power of digital signage, interactive display systems, mobile engagement, and much more besides

How Customer Focused Innovation Drives a new era of Banking

Today, both customers and the regulators demand that banks provide a more personal experience, one that addresses the customer’s individual needs with appropriate advice, products and services. This whitepaper explores the critical theme of customer-centricity with invaluable insight from 18 leading UK banks

Omni-Channel on the Inside: Retailer Culture and Mindset in 2017
When it comes to retail in 2017, a positive shopping experience is fundamental to attracting new customers, and engaging and retaining your loyal ones. This whitepaper explores customer-first business models with insight from Jack Wills, Sainsbury's and M&S


Short Video Documentaries

What Does Social Shopping mean?

In-Store Experiences That Excite

The hiSbe Family

What Customers Really Want


Pioneering 360 Content

M&S: Simply Food Store Tour

Maplin Concept Store in 360

Hotel Du Vin 360 Tour

2017 Workshops

Social Shopping, June 2017:
It’s time to give your customers more reasons to engage with your brand, whether they are at home, on the train or in the high street. In this session we talked about, how to create an environment both online and offline that is exciting, fun and inspiring, so customers will want to share experiences with friends, start conversations and come back more often. See more

Omni-channel on the inside, February 2017:
To connect with customers seamlessly across digital and physical channels, retailers need to instill a passion for outstanding customer experience across all teams and departments (ecommerce and the store). In this session, we explored how a customer-centric approach boosts advocacy and loyalty, while ensuring innovation generates a positive ROI. See more

How to leverage the store for improved customer experiences, May 2017:
Stores are where the most memorable moments happen. In this session, we focused on the evolving rationale of the bricks and mortar store in the digital world. If you look at the high street now, it’s much more about experiences. We got the lowdown on how some of the best retailers are making it more relevant, personalised and interactive to be in their store. See more

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