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 "A real eye-opener" 
Claire Gillingham, Global HR Director, Vodafone

Bespoke workshops

We help you to innovate. We invite you to come together to tackle business critical customer experience challenges in a friendly and educational setting

Our in-depth research helps to identify the key talking points, and invite the most relevant senior executives to contribute

Our team helps to frame the conversation to ensure the ideas are pertinent and powerful. We provide that something extra that turns information into inspiration. In this way, we drive better audience engagement, forge stronger relationships and accelerate sales

Typical sessions are attended by 10-20 senior executives from job titles including: CIO, Head of Data, Customer service manager, Customer insight manager, Omni-channel Director, Head of Digitaland Head of Transformation See the next event


Inspirational talks

Inform and inspire. Our talks tackle the complex issues in a memorable and engaging way. Alongside, superbly successful business leaders, we share inspiration, stories, lessons learned and innovative insight

Achieve breakthrough in just a few days. You'll take away the insight you need to make an instant impact on strategic decisions. When to use OCC


Retail safaris and trend tours


Experience retail transformation first-hand. Easily identify and discover the latest breakout trends in offline and online retail to get first-mover advantage and stay ahead of the competition.


On our Safaris, you'll experience the best UK retail experiences first-hand. You'll get the low down on each concept and how it boosts the bottom line, develop game changing new ideas to engage customers, plus ignite team discussion, and connect with new partners who can make your new ideas reality. With more trusted connections than anyone in the industry, we create tailor made itineraries so that you get the most out of your tour.

You'll be thrilled with your experience and will be able to move forward with clarity and confidence while your competition is still struggling to get started. Get a feel for a tour here

Research-led content strategy and creation

We demonstrate the dynamic trends. Our dedicated research and editorial team exist on the front line of innovation. We provide original research, content and advice in the most engaging way possible. From bespoke reports, to video documentaries, to podcasts, to interactive whitepapers and VR, we make complex issues memorable and entertaining. 


Creative and effective consultancy

Made to measure. Our on going research builds and maintains authentic relationships with key industry influencers. Our personal approach helps us to manage a combination of services and develop a dynamic relationship with you and relevant key influencers.

As a virtual marketing team, our partners can give you cutting edge insight, and access to the key movers and shakers. Our senior consultants’ experience combines with insights from industry experts to strengthen your strategic decisions. When to use OCC


Conference speaking
We aim to inform and inspire with highly visual and engaging presentations

From round table discussions to keynote speeches, our approach makes complex retail, banking and hospitality issues engaging, memorable and fun

We frame our talks to ensure the ideas are pertinent and powerful. We provide that something extra that turns information into inspiration


When to use OCC
OCC will help you innovate and succeed when:

All existing communication ideas seem predictable or fall flat

You want more influence and authentic, stronger relationships to drive sales

You want your team to rediscover their enthusiasm

You want to better understand customer and organisational culture

You want to transform your marketing to drive more contextual sales enablement



Selling tech to retailers was never easy, but now it’s as hard as it’s ever been

Pressures of digital transformation; demanding consumers; new competitors; the conflicting needs of multiple stakeholders; and nervousness among decision makers all conspire to put vendors in a pickle

We’ve seen lots of vendors making half-hearted attempts to tick the account-based marketing box, and then wonder why they are not getting the expected results

It still amazes me how early on vendors’ give-up when they get no response from a set of prospects.
You need an integrated, multi-channel approach to make it work – and if you can find the right strategy, and the right partner to help you execute it, it’s amazing who can get in the room with

In a competitive market, where your rivals have dramatically improved their content, communications and networking, you’re going to spend a whole lot more time on the outside looking in - unless you change your communications and marketing strategy

OCC's marketing model for reaching and influencing customers is structurally simple and highly effective:

Understand - no, really understand - the market
Find the right person(s)
Market one to one (or at least in small segments)


What we know

Do your homework. The intelligence that most suppliers use to start conversations is generally superficial and no different from what everyone else is saying. So a good place to start is in research

While general information is available online, you will have to dig deeper to get an understanding of what it all means. Take the knowledge you have gained into each business prospect and find both the person who actually makes decisions, and who they listen to 

It’s better to target 50 customers that you know something about than approach 1,000 you don’t

Find the right people. Saying you need to reach ‘decision makers and their influencers’ is one thing, but who actually are these individuals? 

The decision maker is no longer principally IT - it’s clear that the people choosing whether to buy from you are from different parts of the business, with different backgrounds, and different ways of thinking and responding, from operations, ecommerce, merchandising, to marketing, finance and CEOs. In fact, they are often connected in ways that you may have missed; through internal groups, industry bodies, social media forums and partner ecosystems

It’s all about you - not just your technology. Chemistry matters. Customers are not just interested in your solutions – they are interested in you, your company, what you stand for and where you fit within your community

With the ever increasing buying cycle, technology vendors must start appealing to customers emotionally, as well as outlining the business benefits of their solution. Marketing should focus on enabling you to start and sustain authentic relationships with decision makers and their influencers
We don’t have feelings about companies; we have feelings about people. Therefore, your products and services are increasingly less likely to win the day. Customers don’t want to talk to salesmen, but mentors, innovators, inspirational thinkers, educators and industry experts

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