GDPR: When Challenge Becomes Opportunity for Retailers

September, 2017

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There is no shortage of scary articles on the challenges of GDPR compliance. Few, if any, highlight the real opportunity that GDPR presents as a catalyst for unlocking the value of data. After all, good data handling practices should be seen as a business enabler and opportunity.

 Much like cleaning out the spare room, GDPR gives retailers a mandate to do something many have been putting off for years.

 Although initially daunting, if managed correctly, GDPR presents a great opportunity to optimise the ways retailers interact with customers. Retailers should seize the moment to set out a culture of data confidence among shoppers. So, let’s take a look how you can use the GDPR for a business advantage.

In this new whitepaper, we look at GDPR as a tool for strategic advantage across the organisation. In other words, we look at GDPR as a wonderful opportunity to optimise processes and ways retailers interact with customers.

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