“Very valuable insight”

Heather Gibson, Brand Experience Director, All Saints

Omni-channel analytics for Retail

A retail workshop

Mobile devices, social networking sites and other technologies mean customers can shop anywhere, anytime. The result is a huge amount of customer data. While this provides many opportunities, the big challenge is leveraging the mass of data to drive business benefits – sometimes we’re drowning in information, but starved for knowledge

To capitalize on the data opportunity, it’s vital for retailers to deploy an omni-channel analytics strategy that draws together disparate information and turns it into useful insight – from targeted offers, to effective merchandizing and supply chain efficiency

This workshop tackles this challenge head-on

 September 20 | New York City

Why partner with OCC

Intimate conversations around critical business challenges to drive sales among key customers

Perfect environment to drive conversations and connect with the people who matter in Retail

Engage qualified Retail accounts and identify hooks for seamless commercial conversations

Bespoke industry research to reveal truths, not assumptions; helping to design better value propositions and identify growth opportunities

Authentic thought leadership to develop the strategies and retail relationships that are critical to success


Leverage each channel: How to best manage and analyze data from a wide range of sources to gain a 360 customer view

Personalization: Understand individual customers to tailor offers across each shopping channel, refine pricing and target precision marketing

Optimize merchandising and supply chain operations: Gain better understanding of who your customers are, and what they’re looking for to adjust inventory and stock decisions

Supporters and attendees include

What attendees say...

“Really enjoyable session, opening up dialogue between different retailers” 
Gillian McNulty, Senior Loyalty Analyst, Walgreens Boots
“Perfect environment to share ideas” 
Rose Byfleet, Digital CX Manager, Debenhams

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