“Very valuable insight”

Heather Gibson, Brand Experience Director, All Saints

Digital transformation of the supply chain

A retail workshop

Continued disruption to retail distribution and supply chain models (to provide instant shopper gratification) have resulted in increasingly lofty customer expectations

But, where retailers have excelled in reducing friction from the customer journey, many still suffer from inefficiencies in the supply chain that have a knock-on effect on their ability to deliver the ‘on-demand’ experience their customers expect

Those that leverage technology to get a full view of the supply chain, streamlining the process from source to consumer are set to stand out

This workshop tackles this challenge head-on

 September 20 | San Francisco

Why partner with OCC

Intimate conversations around critical business challenges to drive sales among key customers

Perfect environment to drive conversations and connect with the people who matter in Retail

Engage qualified Retail accounts and identify hooks for seamless commercial conversations

Bespoke industry research to reveal truths, not assumptions; helping to design better value propositions and identify growth opportunities

Authentic thought leadership to develop the strategies and retail relationships that are critical to success


Improve inventory management: Discuss strategies and processes to optimally forecast demand at local level, maximise order fulfilment and boost supply chain efficiency

Technology-driven: Analyse where the latest technology, from blockchain to AI, can improve supply chain efficiency through streamlining business processes from source to consumer

Real-time: Leverage big data for real-time inventory management and demand forecasting

Harness unstructured data: Bring together various data points - from weather forecasts to social media - to accurately forecast consumer demand

Supporters and attendees include

What attendees say...

“Really enjoyable session, opening up dialogue between different retailers” 
Gillian McNulty, Senior Loyalty Analyst, Walgreens Boots
“Perfect environment to share ideas” 
Rose Byfleet, Digital CX Manager, Debenhams

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