Use Open Banking to Strengthen Customer Relationships

Live Debate:

Open banking, the cloud and the opportunity to strengthen customer relationships

 October 5th, 2pm-3pm


How will increased data sharing drive new business models? To what extent are we likely to see collaboration Vs competition, and aggregation Vs disaggregation?


How will open banking impact the customer? To what extent are we likely to see increased account switching?


Both PSD2 and GDPR provide a springboard to create trust, loyalty and stronger customer relationships – but are they friends of foe?


Open banking provides a greater breadth of data (which needs to be systematically processed and stored). But beyond this, what processes, systems and technology elicit the most value and actionable insights from data to create customer experiences that wow?

PSD2 facilitates a more open banking ecosystem in which third parties have access to more

customer data than ever. But who ultimately is responsible for the customer (and their personal data)? And how technology, such as CRM, help manage increased data flow?

Panelists for the debate

Francesca Gandolfo, Chief Operating Officer, OakNorth


Will Beeson, Head of Operations and Innovation, Civilised Bank

Paul Riseborough, Chief Commercial Officer, Metro Bank

Diana Milanesi, Legal Counsel, Monzo

Paul Rogers, Director of Microsoft Dynamics 365, PowerObjects




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